How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

how to setup xim apex PS5 xbox series x

Xim Apex is now compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PS5. It won’t work right out the box, you’ll need to use BETA firmware on your Xim Apex and a BETA version of the XIM manager companion app. In this article, we’ll show you how to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

How to use Xim Apex on PS5 games?

First let’s talk about PS5, as it’s not quite as straight forward as Xbox Series X. To use Xim Apex with PS5 games you must connect a 3rd party Playstation 4 controller for authentication.  Unlike PS3 or PS4 where a DS3 or DS4 controller could be used, the PS5 will not currently support DS5 Dualsense, DS4 or DS3 controllers when playing PS5 games.

Currently the following 3rd party controllers have been tested and are known to work

@play Wired Compact
Horipad 4 FPS
Horipad FPS Plus
Hori Fighting Commander
Hori Mini Gamepad
Mad Catz SFV Arcade Fightstick Alpha
Mad Catz TE2
Nacon Pro Revolution V1/2/3
Razer Raiju
Vivitar LVLUP Gaming

For an up to date list of compatible 3rd party controllers, check out the Xim website or the Xim Central Youtube channel

Now we have that out of the way, lets show you how to setup xim apex with Xbox Series X and PS5.

Step 1. Update your Xim Apex with BETA firmware

The first thing you’ll need to do is update your Xim Apex with the latest Xim Beta Firmware. At the time of writing this, the latest version is Xim Apex Beta 20210625.  To find this, visit the Xim website and go the downloads page, navigate to support > downloads > xim apex downloads.  From there, click the link to the BETA firmware page.

The newest firmware will always have **LATEST** in the title.  Be sure to download the BETA firmware tool as the regular firmware is for use with Xbox One, PS4 etc, so won’t be compatible with Xbox Series X or PS5.

xim apex beta firmware download link
xim apex beta firmware tool link

Download the firmware tool to your PC and install it.  While holding the button on the Xim Apex, plug it into your computer.  Wait for the Xim Apex light to display blue and release the button.  Start the firmware tool and select “Update firmware”.  After the flash is complete, remove the Xim Apex

Xim have a handy video guide you can watch here.

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xim apex beta firmware update on pc
Step 2. Connect your hardware

It’s now time to connect your Xim Apex to your hardware.  For a list of compatible devices please visit the Xim Apex compatibility list

The Xim hub has 3 ports labelled one to three.  Connect your mouse to port 1, keyboard to port 2 and controller to port 3. Always make sure your controller is switched off before connecting to Xim Apex.

Next plug the Xim hub into the Xim Apex and plug the Xim Apex into your console which is switched on and ready to go.

xim apex hub connected to mouse keyboard gamepad

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More

Step 3. Installing game configurations. 

By now your controller should be working in game but your mouse and controller won’t, as you haven’t yet created a configuration for them.  If your controller is not working in game, then check out the troubleshooting guide on the Xim website. The most likely culprit is the USB cable.  It must be capable of transferring data, most regular charge cables are not capable of this.  

To create a game configuration you’ll need to download the Xim Apex BETA manager companion app to your Android or IOS phone or tablet. Make sure you download the BETA version with **LATEST** in the title and follow the instructions on the Xim website.  As this is a BETA version of the firmware, IOS users will need to first download TestFlight from the app store.

xim apex manager download screen
testflight download on ios
xim apex beta companion app manager

Run the Xim Apex Manager, after accepting the licence agreement and downloading the latest games support, the Xim Apex manager will try to connect to your Xim Apex over Bluetooth.  At this point push the button your Xim Apex to connect to the Xim Apex manager.

If you’re connecting for the first time, Xim manager will prompt you to create a new configuration for the game and console you want to use.

Step 4. Configuring your Xim Apex

Once you have the game configuration loaded, the configuration will have a preset configuration allowing you to start using right away.  You’ll probably want to adjust the settings to match your playing  style. The Xim Apex manager allows you to fine tune the sensitivity of your mouse and map your movement and actions to your keyboard, mouse or joystick.

xim apex manager pubg config
xim apex manager ads sensitivity

This is a whole new topic and far too much to cover in this article so I’ve attached some links, I think you’ll find useful.

Xim Community Discord Channel for help with game specific settings

Quick Start Guide 

Xim Apex Troubleshooting 

Various Tutorials from the XIM Central YouTube channel