ONEXPLAYER – The most powerful handheld gaming PC in the world

onexplayer handheld gaming pc playing forza 7

One-Netbooks’s ONEXPLAYER is a handheld gaming console, essentially a high end Windows 10 gaming laptop crammed into a portable touch screen device, with built in controllers and immersive high resolution display. Powered by Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake CPU’s with Iris Xe graphic cores.

If you want to free yourself from the confines of a chair and experience uncompromised gaming anywhere you go, then you need the ONEXPLAYER Handheld Gaming PC.

We’re excited to announce, we’ve partnered with One-Netbook and will be stocking all 3 versions of the ONEXPLAYER when it’s released. 

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ONEXPLAYER by One-Netbook was first announced in March 21. Following that came an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, that saw it reach $1 million in funding in it’s first day. It went on to reach $1.5 million before closing the campaign. ONEXPLAYER is already making waves, taking home the 2020 Intel Innovation Award at the CTE CEO Summit 2021.

ONEXPLAYER is a handheld Gaming PC with touch screen and built in controllers. Imagine an oversized, spec’d out Nintendo Switch running Windows 10 and powerful enough to handle just about any modern PC game. The ONEXPLAYER is currently available with a choice of 3 Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake processors: the Core i5-11357G7, Core i7-1165G7 and the Core i7-1185G7. The i5 is available with 512GB or 1TB storage options, while the i7 has 1TB and 2TB versions.


Intel 11th-gen Core Tiger Lake-U series

i7-1185G7 1TB, i7-1165G7 1TB, i5-1135G7 1TB, i5-1135G7 512GB


iRIS Xe Graphics


16GB LPDDR4x dual channel memory, 4266 MHZ frequency Max, with M.2 port (nvme protocol) support high speed solid state disk, support replacement of M” Port (SATA protocol solid state disk.


8.4 inch IPS screen
Resolution 2560 x 1600
Pixel density 358 PPI
10 Points touch
72% NYSC gamut


USB-C 4.0 x 2
USB-A 3.0 x 1
3.5mm headset x 1
TF slot x 1


Stereo loud speaker x 2


Magnetic keyboard (optional accessory, pogo pin port reserved at the bottom of the ONEXPLAYER)


Integration with device P360 (Xinput)


Japan ALPS joystick


Power key integrated fingerprint scanner


15300mAh 3.85v (58.9Wh)
65W GaN fast charger (20V3.25A)


Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.0


288mm Length x 130mm Width x 21mm Height


Around 819 grams


Licenced Windows 10

onexplayer in retail box

The ONEXPLAYER Handheld Gaming PC comes well packaged in a very sturdy, smart looking black and orange box.  Thick foam inside the box, keeps it well protected from damage during transit.

onexplayer inside reatail box showing protective foam packaging
onexplayer box contents

Inside the box you will find the ONEXPLAYER device, a user manual in English & Chinese, a USB Type C cable for charging and data transfer, as well as a power adapter. The power adapter has US 2 prong plug, but is suitable for 100 through to 240V. We also received a UK 3 prong converter to fit the adapter.  All ONEXPLAYER’S purchased through us will also receive a UK adapter.

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The ONEXPLAYER has a sleek matt black finish with orange highlighted sticks and buttons. It weighs in at around 820 grams.  It measures in at 288 x 130 x 21mm overall with an 8.4 inch 2.5K IPS screen. Much larger than your average handheld device. The casing has an anti-slide coating which helps resist finger print marks.

Looking at the front of the ONEXPLAYER, you’ll find a familiar looking D-Pad and XYAB buttons. As well as clickable 360 dual joystick controllers on either side.  The controller layout is similar to that of an XBOX controller. The joysticks are made by the highly rated, Japanese company ALPS.

The ONEXPLAYER has 5 additional function buttons :

BACK & START – For use in game. Essentially, select and start which most people will be familiar with.

DESK – A home button which will minimize all screens and return to the desktop.

KEYBOARD / MOUSE MODE SWITCH – Press once to bring up an on screen keyboard. Press and hold to switch to mouse mode, which lets you use the left joystick as the pointer and A & B buttons, as left and right mouse clicks.

TURBO – Switches the device from 20w to 28w, handy for demanding games, but will eat through your battery quicker.

On either side of the screen are stereo speakers with orange trim. The speakers are loud enough, though most people will probably want to plug in their headphones while using this.

onexplayer kickstand

The ONEXPLAYER has LB & RB touch click bumper buttons, as well as pressure sensitive linear analogue triggers labelled LT & RT.  Great for racing games like Forza, Grid, F1 etc.

On the underside of the device is the power button with integrated fingerprint touch ID. This provides a convenient and secure method of unlocking the device. The volume up / down and mute controls are all on the underside of the case. These are well positioned, so you’re unlikely to accidentally touch them while gripping the controllers.

The inlet vents are also located here, again perfectly positioned so you’re unlikely to accidentally block them while holding the device.

Finally we have the built-in kickstand, this is adjustable so you can adjust the ONEXPLAYER to the perfect viewing angel. Great for working with the keyboard attached, reading or watching Netflix.

Onexplayer top view of ports

Across the top of the ONEXPLAYER you have 2 USB 4.0 Type-C ports. These are used to power the device, high speed data transfer at 40Gbps or to connect directly to an eGPU or monitor.  You could even hook up an external GPU to one and a 4K monitor to the other, for an even better gaming experience.

The ONEXPLAYER also has a USB 3.0 port for hooking up a mouse or other peripherals.  A Micro SD card reader for extra storage and 3.5mm headphone jack. 

onexplayer with keyboard showing pogo pins

The ONEXPLAYER has an optional keyboard, similar to a Microsoft surface pro in design, this is available separately. The keyboard has a small trackpad and attaches magnetically to a set of pogo pins on the device.  The keyboard can be flipped up and used as a screen cover.

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More

onexplayer with keyboard covering screen

Another optional extra is the ONEXPLAYER protective case. The ONEXPLAYER fits snugly into the carry case to prevent damage while in transit.  In fact it’s so snug that it’s a struggle to hold both the ONEXPLAYER and keyboard together. They do fit but you need to detach the keyboard first.

onexplayer playing warhammer 2

Onexplayer playing Warhammer 2 with extended display using USB 4:0

The ONEXPLAYER has handled just about everything we’ve thrown at it in short time we’ve used it. FIFA 21, Forza 7, Mount & Blade Bannerlord, Total War Warhammer 2, Gears 5, Stellaris all played with good FPS rates. That being said, games designed for controllers work best in it’s handheld form.  Hook up a mouse and monitor and you can just about tackle anything.

We found the sweet spot for performance at around 720p resolution with low to medium settings for most modern games.  That being said, we managed Forza 7 at 2560×1440 resolution with medium settings and we still got close to 60 FPS.

forza 7 medium settings 2560x1440 62 FPS

FORZA 7 2560×1440 Medium Settings

The beauty of the ONEXPLAYER is it’s versatility. The ONEXPLAYER is a Windows tablet, laptop and PC all in one. You can play your favourite games, work on your latest project and surf the internet. It’s like having three devices in one!