Redragon Mechanical Keyboards coming soon to ADZ Gaming.

redragon k552 kumara red led mechanical gaming keyboard


I’d been searching for a Mechanical Keyboard to use with the XIM Apex, I first went for the Logitech G413 Carbon but ended up sending it back because it had a dodgy W key.  I stumbled across these on the XIM forum, there are a few members using the Kumara K552, so I decided to give one a bash.  I’ve been using it for about a week now and I really can’t fault it at all.  It’s compact, very well built, looks and feels great and best of all the back lighting works with the XIM APEX without a separate power supply (well it does with my XBOX ONE X).  The only downside is that these are only available in English US layout (not a problem if you’re just using it for gaming).

I don’t think these are too well known this side of the water but check out some of the reviews on, they seem to be very big and very well thought of over there.  Here is another link to the Redragon US Website for more info if you’re interested.

We have our first shipment arriving within the next week or so, as well as the K552, we’ve also ordered K552 RGB, K553, K553 RGB and the K556-RK RGB.  We expect the price for the K522 to be under £35 which is a bargain for a mechanical keyboard, the others in the range will be more expensive.

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